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International SEO is the process of geo-targeting to attract the attention of the multilingual audience to grow and expand your business globally.


If you identify that a good number of your website visitors are from different locations then International SEO is a great source, as it helps in improving the global presence of your website so that search engines can easily analyze which part of location you want to drive traffic and which languages you want to use for business results to create a better experience for all of your international visitors.

In other words, it is geo-targeting SEO, i.e instead of optimizing your website to drive traffic from your city or a nearby location, you are optimizing to drive traffic from a different country and different languages.

Less Investment
High ROI
International Visibility
Content Curation
Site Audit
Organic Traffic
Long lasting results
Reach globally


Initially, any business ( small or medium ) targeting multiple countries and looking to expand worldwide can make use of international SEO services to expand business globally and to reach new international markets.

Growing international presence for your website is not an easy process to complete in a single day so any business irrespective of type and size need to consider a number of important factors to see growth in generating international audience traffic to your website with the help of international SEO services.


Adweta Solutions International SEO agency helps your business to grow your international audience

  • Built a multilingual SEO campaign.
  • Improve the structure of your website so that is optimized for search results globally.
  • Focus on the right cultural context for each page, to be catered globally.
  • Target the right international audience with the right international SEO strategies.
  • Perform the audit for your website to get great results.
  • We ensure your mobile presence for easy access for international audiences.
  • We troubleshoot common international SEO issues and resolve them.

Not just the traditional blogging sites, 67% of B2B marketers stick only with SEO for their lead generation.

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96% of the B2B businesses appearing at the top of search engine page enjoy the highest click-through rate in their concerned niche.



Public sector utilises Digital Marketing activities to promote government schemes and projects to provide services to the people.


Digital Marketing helps to promote Entertainment Industry activities to hold the attention and interest of the audience in the aspect of cinema etc.


Through Digital marketing, travel industries give insights about the services such as transport, places to visit and other expenses to the customer.


Our Digital Marketing strategies create an online presence to your Food Industries by providing online options to customers for best restaurant.


Our Digital Marketing techniques direct the customer to the best hospitals, information about doctors profile, consultation timings, health departments.


Using our creative ideas, images and digital marketing strategies we help visitors to find your products and convert them to customers.


Digital Marketing in the education sector is the best and effective solution to reach requirements like facilities, admission forms online.


Clients are beginning to find their dream house by doing online market research. In order to reach the perfect client, we design user-friendly websites.


Our Digital Marketing concepts like video tutorials, creative images, campaigns make everything possible for you to demonstrate your products.

IT Services

We implement effective digital marketing strategies to promote IT services through social media accounts, blogs, websites, and mobile communications.
  • Identifying: We identify your current global seo presence and will create a global business optimization strategy.
  • Analyzing: We analyze the keyword gap between the user search query and your targeted keywords.
  • Implementing: Our experts implement different activities to reach & connect your brand with a global audience.
  • Marketing: With our international strategies, you can grow your business globally by selling customized products & services in global markets.
  • Generating Traffic: You can attract and experience the growth of international user online visibility using our services.
  • Converting it into leads: We are not only successful in increasing the top international search ranking but also in bringing international potential customers.
  • Experiencing the growth of: Global Listing
    Globalized Website Content
    Building International Links
    Obtain Reviews
    Search Engine Ranking
  • Revamping: Based on the report results, we recreate the present strategies to improve your position on the global search results.

What Our Client's Say about us

  • Crown Industries utilizing the services from Adweta digital marketing solutions Providing excellent services, it increases our branding and company revenue development and reaching our Brand across the globe. Thank you for the directors of the company and We wish them all the best.

    • Narsaiah Gudi

    Author image
  • Adweta Solutions and their team made a huge difference to our business with their good work and knowledge of content, SEO, Social Media and business to business marketing techniques.


    Author image
  • Thanks to adweta for increasing our company digital presence in online. Your digital marketing services increased our company branding, leads and reputation from last six months. After investing monthly budget on digital marketing, increase company ROI.

    • Tanuja
      Marketing Manager

    Author image

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